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High Accuracy X-Ray Inspection System

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The KD74-h series consists of high sensitivity models that are of high power and high accuracy. Food inspection can be done on hard and soft contaminants. All items must be packaged to proceed through this food safety inspection, and can consist of things such as whole cheese, pasta and meat products. This x-ray technology line has five different models that can measure different product sizes and levels of durability, including:

  • Hard Contaminants Product Size: 240 mm X 120 mm
    • KD7405CWT
    • KD7405DWT
  • Soft Contaminants Product Size: 240 mm X 120 mm
    • KD7405DWH
  • Soft Contaminants Product Size: 390 mm X 150 mm
    • KD7416DWH
  • Soft Contaminants Product Size: 390 mm X 220 mm
    • KD7417DWH

Standard Features

  • Missing Product Area Detection
  • Virtual Weighing
  • Shape Detection
  • Mask Functions
  • Multi-Lane Inspection
  • Flow Direction Change
  • Variable Line Heights
  • Statistics
  • NG History
  • RS232C
  • Ethernet
  • USB Data Port
  • Simple Cleaning

Optional Features

  • Package Check
  • Void Check
  • Count Detection
  • CE Marking
  • FCC Compliance
  • Rejection Confirmation


Hard contaminants, like metal, can be detected by the KD7405CWT and KD7405DWT x-ray inspection machines. The detection sensitivity is a Fe sphere and an SUS sphere with a 0.2 mm dia., SUS wire that is 0.2 mm dia. X 2 mm long. The KD7405DWH, KD7416DWH and KD7417DWH can detect Fe sphere and SUS sphere 0.3 mm dia., SUS wire 0.2 mm dia. X 2 mm long. Soft contaminants that are of low-density, such as bone and plastics can be detected by these three x-ray inspection machines.

World Class Reliability

Anritsu x-ray inspection systems have evolved over the years, and have been installed globally in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This history of reliability is built into every design, backed by our preventative maintenance crew.

Long-Term Flexibility

The Anritsu x-ray system includes virtually every algorithm you may need to inspect your product. In addition, features such as variable line heights, multi-lane inspection, Ethernet connection and many other features provides the user with a long- term, flexible solution for any new applications that may require x-ray inspection.

Ease of Use Increases Efficiencies

Anritsu installations are successful because they are designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. Rather than requiring a full knowledge of the technology, graphs and color coded algorithm feedback provides operators with the information required to create new products and adjust existing settings with ease, eliminating the need for factory support.

Ease of Maintenance

Reliability in the design minimizes the need for maintenance but when required, a full suite of system diagnostics, plug and play boards and easy release conveyor design offers quick maintenance and minimizes any downtime.

Best in Class Accuracy

  • Flexibility - NOT ale carte pricing
  • Reliability resulting in minimal to zero downtime
  • Efficiency in parts, support and documentation
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