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HD X-Ray Inspection Systems


Over 7,000 x-ray inspection systems have been installed to date. Anritsu x-ray inspection systems are built with a commitment to safety and high accuracy detection. The Anritsu UltraHD technology installed in our machines can detect even the most minute contaminants - 0.2 mm diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel spheres at production line speeds. Meanwhile, the Anritsu HD systems detect metal contaminants as small as 0.4 mm diameter and 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm diameter glass and stones.

Economy High Definition X-Ray Inspection System

Small contaminants are found with this detection technology. Products in packaged goods, lightweight dry products and products in small bags can all be inspected by the Economy High Definition x-ray inspection technology.

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Standard High Definition X-Ray Inspection System

Versatility is a defining factor for the Standard High Definition series. A wide range of packaged goods can be inspected with this x-ray inspection equipment. The various models can inspect varying product sizes.

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High Accuracy X-Ray Inspection System

This high sensitivity model has high power and high accuracy for food inspection. Hard and soft contaminants can be detected in packaged products, such as whole cheese, pasta and meat.

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DualX X-Ray Inspection Technology

DualX technology analyzes two different x-ray energy signals at the same time, allowing it to distinguish between product and contaminant. It has a higher detection rate of low density items compared to conventional x-ray technology, and ideal for poultry industry to detect low density bones in bulk filets and trim meat as well as for the detection of stones and glass in harvested products such as nuts, begetables and berries.

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Pipeline Inspection X-Ray Inspection System

This detection technology is suitable for the inspection of fluids and semi-solid products flowing in a pipe, such as sauces and fruit preparations. It's excellent for unpackaged products.

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Bulk Fresh Food X-Ray Inspection System

Make sure your unpackaged fresh food stays sanitary and at the correct temperature during the x-ray inspection process with a Bulk/Fresh Food x-ray inspection system. This system is perfect for inspecting fresh meat and fish because it is time efficient and accurate.

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Large Product Inspection X-Ray Inspection System

When you need a large amount of products to be inspected it is best to use the Large Product Inspection system. A large aperture infeed system allows for the inspection of large cartons, cases and bags, as well as those containing multiple small packs.

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IP69K Sanitary Design X-Ray Inspection System

The Sanitary Design line-up consists of two models, one for packaged food and the other for unpackaged food. Food is kept within its appropriate temperature limits with these models because both are equipped with an air conditioner.

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Tall Inspection X-Ray Inspection System

Use this detection technology for food stored within plastic bottles, stand up pouches and milk cartons. A side view system with a different x-ray direction specifically designed for tall, upright containers is what makes the Tall Inspection series unique.

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